The long talked about Krio Bible translation has finally completed and launched at the Presidential Lounge of the National Stadium in Freetown.
It was early in the morning of the 28th day of May 2013, the start of another exciting day, when suddenly the tempo, as if self-propelled, accelerated to a frenzy of action. Steps being ascended and descended at various human speeds but all with urgency at the National Stadium, phones ringing, sweating faces popping in and out off windows, commands, directives, movement, movement, and more movement.
What is responsible for such enthusiasm?
Wow! It was the First full translation of the Krio Bible that was about to be launched.

The Executive Secretary, Rev. James Maada Coker, the retired Executive Secretary Mrs. Ruby Pearce and board members were so overjoyed as they were singing songs of praise to God Almighty for the marvelous work that has been done to see the completion and launching of the first Krio Bible. We sang out the faithfulness of God in providing a Bible in a language spoken by 95% of Sierra Leoneans for the Society to carry out its mandate of spreading the Word in the country.

The programme was chaired by a popular Krio Writer Mrs. Daphne Pratt who was very happy as she herself was part of the review team that completed the Bible.

The hall was jam packed with people from various works of life all eagerly waiting for the final moment when the Krio Bible will be in their hands.

Mrs. Ruby Pearce gave a run down of the history of the translation and encouraged the audience to use the Bible personally and in their Churches.

The Right Reverend Arnold Temple Head of the Methodist Church Sierra Leone delivered the Keynote address while the launching of the first ever full Bible in Krio ” Krio FƆs Oli Baybul” was launched by the Mayor of the Freetown Municipality Councilor Bode Gibson.