The Bible and you

What is the Bible?

The Blind Children and their Bible

Literally translated, the word Bible means ‘book’ or ‘books’. And it’s a collection of books written over the course of more than
1,000 years. Christians see it as one of the ways God has made himself known – telling us personal things about himself, his relationship with us and his overall plans for the world.
It was written in three different languages and on three different continents. Its many authors include fishermen, kings, prophets, poets and musicians. The Bible includes poetry, legal documents, songs, letters, eyewitness accounts, people stories, historical documents and advice literature. Its subject matter goes from the creation of all things to the end of time as we know it.

In between, it covers:
* God’s relationship with the ancient Hebrew nation.
* God’s promise of a future deliverer.
* The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – the promised deliverer.
* The establishment and growth of the Church.
* Teaching and encouragement for those who are followers of Jesus.