He gave his life to Christ at 70 Years

Mr. Mohamed Kamara a native of Mile 91 village gave his life to Christ at the age of 70 Yrs. He has been a Muslim throughout his life and has serverd as a Sheikh in the Mosque in the village for over 35 Years.

He came to know Christ through the Faith Comes By Hearing Programme in that community. He has never been to School and his only source of livelihood is through farming. He started listening to God’s word in a group close to his farm in the Themne language which is his heart language. After few weeks of listening he decided to be a regular listener and asked that he be a part of the Church close to him. He said ” Indeed this is God himself talking to me”  So he decided to be baptised and be a full member of the Church. As he put it “I was afraid to let people know that i have been converted but after some more listening sessions i realised that i cannot hide from man while God is watching me” so i decided to let my Muslim brothers and friends know that i am no longer with them. My entire family is now for Christ. My Brothers and Sisters neglected me but i am happy i am free and Christ has accepted me.

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