FCBH Changing lives in Sierra Leone

FCBH is a Bible listening program based on Romans 10:17 “Faith Comes By Hearing and Hearing by the Word of God.” FCBH aims to bring together a group, a congregation, a local church, a community, a language group, a literacy class, a natural group, a group of individuals, or a family to listen to a portion of the audio New Testament in their mother tongue or a language they understand for at least 30 minutes each week. A consistent regular and continuous listening of the Bible on cassette would enable one to go through the entire New Testament at least once in about 40 weeks. The emphasis, which is on group listening and discussion, is to allow everyone’s questions to be answered and doubts about God’s Word cleared.

Over the years, the Bible Society in Sierra Leone has concentrated on the publication and production of the Bible in the print format. The Bible has been published in two (2) of the 14 languages of Sierra Leone and the New Testament in 5 languages and various portions of the Bible in the other languages.

The Bible Society Sierra Leone decided to record the New Testament first in Krio and then in all other languages in which the Bible or Testament has been published. At the moment there are the New Testament recordings in 5 languages, Krio, Mende, Kuranko, Kono and Themne.

As the people of our country have different needs but with literacy as a priority, the Bible Society has endeavored to provide the Bible in an Audio format. That has helped to address different the many life challenges in which we all, in one way or another, find ourselves.

“The vision of FCBH is to have the Bible heard in every church or community every week in the heart language of the people.”

This has been going on for the past five years in Sierra Leone. Lives have been impacted and transformed, many converts have come from other religions, and churches have also been planted as a result of the programme.

The Media Officer visited Niagolehun village about twelve miles from Bo where one of the most vibrant and determined group wassituated. The leader Pst. Daniel Ansu expressed his joy in being part of the FCBH group. He said in their group they already had seen the benefit of listening to God’s Word and the transformation in the lives of the people in their community. He told the team that they had got 15 converts through the FCBH programme and 7 of them had been baptized. Two of the converts were present for the listening session and were part of the people who gave wonderful testimonies which are at the testimony column of this site.

In Bo Town another group was visited “The Believers Group”. They are also doing fine with the programme. They reported that they had completed the entire Proclaimer and had started all over again. Their leader Pst. Joshua Kargbo said they had enjoyed listening to the Proclaimer and had learnt  a lot about God.  They had got 6 converts and 4 of them had been baptized. They had planted church and 2 new groups.


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